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  1. Sckaletz


    FEBRUARY 1ST - BIRTHDAY This Wednesday we celebrate Minelife's 9-year-old birthday. During my stream in the evening, there'll be some giveaways with ranks, kits, and keys. The stream will begin at approx. 19.00. Come celebrate this special day with us and maybe win something along the way
  2. Sckaletz


    We're now shooting off a building competition on Vanilla. Best base wins $30 (aprox. 210 kr) for our webshop. A base could be a town or simply an amazing structure. Let your imaginating run wild. The competition runs from now until January 15th and will be judged by our admin team. To...
  3. Sckaletz

    Hej Jimmy. Er det din minion på Skyblock, du tænker på? (altså de der små hjælpere). De kan...

    Hej Jimmy. Er det din minion på Skyblock, du tænker på? (altså de der små hjælpere). De kan desværre ikke opgraderes.
  4. Sckaletz


    The OPPrison server is now open. Some of the features are: - Autominers - Robots - Private mines - Gangs - PvP Arena - 400 ranks and much more.... Have fun in there.
  5. Sckaletz

    How to join with Bedrock Edition

    IP FOR MINELIFE: Xbox One (Video linked below) Nintendo Switch (Video linked below) PlayStation 4 Go to your PS4 Home screen. Go to Settings. Go to Network. Select Set Up Internet connection. If you are using wired internet, select “Use LAN Cable”, otherwise choose “Use Wi-Fi”. Select...
  6. Sckaletz


    Da spillere med Bedrock versionen ikke kan højreklikke i eksempelvis /shop for at sælge deres ting, så er der nu lavet en funktion, hvor man kan sælge på en anden måde. Denne er allerede nu aktiv på Survival og vil være aktiv på Skyblock og Towns fra i morgen tidlig kl. 5. Kommandoen er...
  7. Sckaletz


    Fra i dag er det muligt at spille på Minelife med Minecraft Bedrock Edition. Bedrock Edition er versionen, man spiller med, hvis man spiller på Windows 10, Ipad, mobil osv. Det er yderligere muligt at spille via disse platforme uden en Minecraft Java konto. For at tilføje Minelife til sin...
  8. Sckaletz

    Allowed / Disallowed Mods

    Allowed mods: Badlion Client Lunar Client Hyperium Client Cheatbreak CosmicPvP Client Labymod 5zig mod DirectionHUD Status Effect HUD Armor Status HUD Togglesprint Optifine PlayerAPI Shaders Tabbychat ChromaHUD Keystrokes mod Schematica Disallowed mods: All clients and mods other than those...
  9. Sckaletz

    Global Rules & Server Rules

    By playing on Minelife, you agree to abide by the rules below. As well as the consequence of breaking some of the rules. The rules can be changed at any time and the penalty can vary depending on how violent the violation is. Spam/Command Spam (10m mute) Repeat the same message or command...